The 2017-2021 CIP totals $303,968,000 (including funding from prior years), up from
$284,700,000 in the 2016-2020 plan. The increase in the total is due primarily to the
addition of multiple road & bridge projects as a result of remaining revenues in the CIP
Sales Tax. Significant changes to the CIP include:

Completed Projects

  • Bailey Road, M-291 to Hamblen Road
  • Cedar Creek Interceptor Improvements Phase II
  • Legacy Park Amphitheater Improvements
  • Lowenstein Trail Renovations
  • Miller J Field Park Renovation
  • Orchard Street – Douglas to Independence
  • Scruggs Road Pump Station EFHB
  • Second Street Corridor Improvements
  • Sprayground Sites
  • Strother Road – Independence to Lee’s Summit Road
  • Water Main Rehabilitation FY14
  • Water Supply Improvements

New Projects

  • Arterial Curb Replacement
  • Big Creek EFHB (East & West Forks)
  • Blackwell Road Livability Improvements
  • Cedar Creek Improvements MH29-220 to MH37-001
  • Cedar Creek Interceptor Phase III
  • Commerce Drive – Tudor Road to Main Street
  • Fifth Terrace – Country Lane to Greenridge Drive
  • Gateway Drive – Delta School Road to Georgian Drive
  • Harris Park Standpipe Recoating
  • Hartman Park Improvements
  • Hook Road Shoulders
  • Hook Tower Recoating
  • Jefferson Street – Persels Road to Oldham Parkway
  • Landfill Closure Phases I, II and III
  • Langsford Road Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Little Cedar Force Main
  • Park South and Community Center
  • Ranson Tower Recoating
  • Rehabilitate Airfield Lighting Runway 11/29 and Taxiway Bravo
  • Rehabilitate Hangar Taxiways Charlie and Delta
  • Scherer Road and Heartwood Drive Intersection Improvements
  • Third Street Improvements – Murray Road to Pryor Road
  • Todd George Parkway Shoulders – Colbern Rd to Woods Chapel Rd
  • Transfer Station
  • Tudor Force Main Odor Control
  • Update Airport Master and Business Plans
  • Wastewater Master Plan
  • Water Main – Harris Road – Herring to Haines
  • Water Main – NW System Improvements
  • Water Main – US50 Hwy – Blackwell to Smart
  • Water Main – US50 Hwy – Smart to Harris
  • Water Main Rehabilitation FY21
  • West Apron Shade Ports
  • Woods Chapel Tower Recoating

Deleted Projects

  • Bogg’s Hollow SSES & I/I Rehab
  • CC Watershed – CC17, CC21 Private I/I Rehab
  • Little Cedar SSES & I/I Rehab
  • Middle Big Creek SSES & I/I Rehab
  • Phase 3 Gas System
  • South Prairie Lee SSES & I/I Rehab
  • South Prairie Lee SSES & I/I Rehab (Misc)
  • Water Main Rehabilitation and Upsize
  • West Prairie Lee SSES & I/I Rehab
  • West Prairie Lee SSES & I/I Rehab (North Branch)

Capital Improvement Priorities

A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a major financial and public infrastructure planning tool for municipalities. The CIP is a statement of the City's policies and financial abilities to manage the physical development of the community. The development of a five (5) year CIP provides information regarding planned public improvements with anticipated funding. Through the presentation of the identified projects combined with funding availability, the CIP presents a systematic plan for providing the needed improvements within a prioritized framework.


Several of the new projects will not only support their associated systems, but will also support economic development in the following ways:

Commerce Drive Construction. This project is in direct support of generating economic activity in a primary market target area identified by City Council near Douglas and Tudor. This project opens additional ground with access that connects to the recent Tudor Road improvements.

Construction of Jefferson Street from Persels to Oldham. This project continues the significant investment in transportation infrastructure for capacity and context required by redevelopment interests. This project will complete a network of roadway and multi-modal improvements that include Bailey Road, Jefferson Street south of Persels, and M291 Interchange with US50 increasing the vitality of many significantly underutilized properties.

Blackwell Interchange with US50 Project. This new interchange will provide needed access for over 900 acres of development opportunity in eastern Lee’s Summit.

Cedar Creek Improvement MH 29-220 to MH 37-001. This project will address hydraulic bottlenecks in the in the interceptor sewer which serves much of downtown Lee’s Summit. Improvements to this main will help the existing customers and build capacity for the proposed densification of the downtown business core.

Cedar Creek Interceptor Phase III. This project is a continuation of the work on the Cedar Creek Interceptor work. This work will support the existing flows in the Cedar Creek basin as well as provide new capacity for development and redevelopment within the basin.

Cedar Creek Winterset Woods & Sterling Hills. This project is the reconstruction of a failing line but will also be upsized using sewer tap funds to support redevelopment within this basin.

Little Cedar Force Main. This project is a realignment of the force main from the Tudor Road Pump Station from the Maybrook drainage basin to the Little Cedar drainage basin. This project is proposed to provide capacity in the Maybrook system for new development.

Water Main US 50 Hwy Blackwell to Smart. This is a water main upsize project to support the current customers in the US 50 east area of Lee’s Summit Water Utilities. This project will also provide support and capacity for economic development of that area.

Water Main US 50 Hwy Smart to Harris. This is a water main upsize project to support the current customers in the US 50 east area of Lee’s Summit Water Utilities. This project will also provide support and capacity for economic development of that area.